Public Lecture by Dr. Darwin Zahedy Saleh

On November 8, 2012, students of the Faculty of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Design and Planning, and the Faculty of Business joining a public lecture at MYC Multi Purpose Room in UPH. Public lecture presented by Dr. Darwin Zahedy Saleh who was the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) 2009-2011 and also a lecturer at Faculty of Economics of the University of Indonesia. This lecture is about Alternative Energy and Economic Development in Indonesia, he brought up ‘The Transformation of The Nation: From Natural Resources Primacy into Human Resources Primacy’.

The background of this lecture is the willing to brighten the public knowledge to think about our nation’s economical problems and finding the way out. He is giving one specific message, that our natural resources are not a legacy from our past ancestors but as a gift for our later generations.

“Although it seems cliché, we still have to fight for it. Our excellence natural resources should be the motivator to build out excellence human resources,” he said on that afternoon.

In the lecture with 200 UPH students and lecturers, he predicts that in several years ahead the supply of natural resources will decrease while the demand will rapidly increase. Now or later, nations will reconstruct the raw materials of their industry to other resources that cheaper and renewable. Indonesia as an archipelago is facing a problem because of the lack of infrastructure to connect the source of energy to the place to contain it.

“Nations that produce oil and gas does not want their source of energy “absorbed” by the two expanding nations, China and India. That matter will cause the world oil demand keep accelerating. So, we have to arrange our demand sites,” he added.

Furthermore, Dean from the Faculty of Design and Planning, Prof. Dr. Ir. Manlian A. Ronald, MT, IAI, as the moderator summarized three important points of the lecture. First, to expand the attitude with high eligibility, construct future leadership that able to manage the smaller picture not only the big picture. Third point is to increase the human resources potency whom able to manage out natural resources optimally.

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